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We will tell you which tools are better to use in the garden!

To work in the garden and vegetable garden, you will need many different tools. Let's find out what you really need and for what? When choosing equipment for work on the site, it is necessary, first of all, to take into account its practicality. This way, you will not only reduce the cost of your time, but also save energy. Don't buy the cheapest tools. As they say, a miser pays twice. It is unlikely that you will update your cottage inventory every season. For a garden shovel, the most common work in the garden is related to the soil. This is loosening, planting and not only. Therefore, there is nothing to do in the garden without a shovel. It can be of several types: a bayonet and a shovel. Another important tool in the country is a rake. Fan rakes with flexible long teeth are designed for harvesting grass and leaves. Rakes with hard short teeth are best used for working with the ground. Rakes vary in size, handle length, base width, and number of teeth. Pitchforks Pitchforks are indispensable for moving large amounts of hay, straw and grass. They come with faceted teeth (for gardening) and flat square teeth (for gardening).It is more convenient to dig up the garden with a bayonet shovel, it easily sinks into the ground and turns over the layers. It is better to work with a shovel with a rounded blade on hard soil, and it is better to treat soft soil with a shovel with a rectangular blade. The blades themselves are most often made of steel, titanium or aluminum. The most common are steel shovels. They do not need to be sharpened often, and they are not susceptible to rust. Aluminum shovels are not durable, so it is unprofitable to buy them. But the most durable are titanium shovels, but they are also not cheap. The shovel is needed to work with sand, gravel, soil, fertilizers. Most often, the stalk is made of solid wood (ash, aspen). It can be long (120 cm) and short (50 cm). Small shovels are more convenient to transport in a car. For the treatment of flower beds, it is better to use a small rake, sapki. And for planting flowers, a special spatula for bulbous plants is simply irreplaceable. At the beginning of the summer season, many people are faced with pruning trees. Here you will need a pruner and a brush cutter. Pruning only a gardener who does nothing in the garden can do without a pruner. This tool perfectly cuts unnecessary branches, so you don't have to save on it. It is good to use it for young branches of trees or grapes.